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Over the past 7 years on the Town Council, Suzanne has garnered a reputation as a dedicated public servant, a principled but pragmatic representative and a respected leader who always puts principles over partisanship.


Suzanne has consistently worked with colleagues, business owners and activists, regardless of political persuasion, to ensure Leesburg remains a great place to live, work and play.


Her commonsense and collaborative approach to her office led to her bipartisan appointment to serve as Vice Mayor in 2017.  During Suzanne’s tenure on the Town Council, she has consistently pushed back against the extremism and divisiveness that can often distract the town and its leaders from their legitimate priorities and responsibilities. 


She intends to take this same commonsense, pragmatic approach as Leesburg’s next Mayor.


In addition to serving on the Town Council, she has been a small-business owner in Leesburg and Northern Virginia for since 2004.


Suzanne is a Realtor®, wedding planner, and prolific wedding officiant, having performed well over 10,000 wedding ceremonies.


She has lived in Leesburg with her husband since 2003 and enjoys spending her free time with her children and grandchildren.

Suzanne Fox, candidate for Mayor of Leesburg, and husband William.

Suzanne Fox with husband William.


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